School & Community Gardens Day

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    When August 22nd 2007
    From: 09:00 to 17:00
    Where: Apollo Bay P-12 College, Penguilly Avenue, Apollo Bay, VIC. AUSTRALIA

    With: John Champagne, Phil Gall, Fern Rainbow, Virginia Solomon, Eltham College of Education's Colin Nightingale and Cultivating Community's Andrew Wood, Heidi Sanghvi & Natasha Van Velzen

    Fee: $80/ $120 (AUS)

    Contact Name: Fern Rainbow
    Contact Email: [email protected]
    Contact Phone: 0425710380
    Contact Address: PO Box 95, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia

    ***Learn about Permaculture design for the school & community garden, and conduct an actual site analysis and design on the day.

    ***Watch and help out with the Gardenwealth Games demonstration and participate in Edible Classroom activities with Cultivating Community’s Andrew Wood, Heidi Sanghvi & Natasha Van Velzen.

    ***Learn about teaching Permaculture in schools with Virginia Solomon and Colin Nightingale (Eltham College of Education).

    ***Held at Apollo Bay P-12 College, the grade 5’s and the local community garden group will share with you their exciting plans for a school & community garden. Others will also share their school & community garden projects happening across Australia.

    Tutors & speakers on the day will include: John Champagne, Phil Gall, Virginia Solomon, Colin Nightingale (Eltham College of Education), Cultivating Community's Andrew Wood, Heidi Sanghvi & Natasha Van Velzen and more!

    VIRGINIA SOLOMON was a member of the Reference Group which developed the Accredited Permaculture Training Courses and has held several other positions in permaculture circles. She has a background in vocational training, landscape design and permaculture teaching/design as well as training trainers to expand this work. Colin Nightingale will join Virginia and outline Eltham College of Education's sustainability program for Year 9 students that has run over the past 3 years and now has over 500 graduates of the Certificate I in Permaculture.

    NATASHA VAN VELZEN & HEIDI SANGHVI are members of the Cultivating Community Edible Classroom Team. They have both been teaching and consulting in school garden programs for the past 5 years throughout Melbourne including the very successful 'Kings Patch' @ Kings Park Primary School and Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Project at Collingwood College. Heidi has just returned from overseas with new inspiration to share and is teaching at Fitzroy Primary School's Multicultural Kitchen Garden. Tash is currently coordinating the Edible Classroom Pilot Program that works closely with the students and wider school community of three Melbourne schools in designing, constructing and integrating their own Edible Classroom programs.

    ANDREW WOODS is part of Cultivating Community Inc.’s “Edible Classroom” team too. He’s been working in community development, education, performing arts and permaculture for the last decade, and for Cultivating community for the last five years. During that time he’s developed a number of community garden projects in public housing estates in inner-city Melbourne, and primary school “Edible Classrooms” in schools across the city, including the innovative Parkhill Primary School project, which comprises a weekly round of garden classes, a lunchtime Garden Club, a regular community garden market, and monumental cooking!

    FERN RAINBOW is an educator, project manager and natural therapist specialised in oriental remedial therapies. She has a design background, and acquired her permaculture design certificate in the late 90's. A past president of Permaculture Melbourne Inc., she founded Otways & Coast Permaculture Group and the SW Vic. Permaculture Network, and has been living in the Otways & Coast bioregion for the past 6 years. Since 2004, she has organised and run a multitude of community based permaculture workshops & events in the Otways. She has also run her own specialist workshops at various festivals (National Fiddle Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival) and at schools & education centres.

    JOHN CHAMPAGNE, permaculture teacher, activist, ABC local radio presenter, established Brogo Permaculture Gardens over 12 years. It now serves as one of permaculture’s best examples of cool temperate design. John is founding member of BEND [] and facilitated the design process of the eco-neighbourhood in Bega.

    PHIL GALL has been involved with environmental and sustainability activism since the 1970s and an early pioneer of the permaculture movement. He is a qualified Architect, Landscape Architect, teacher and permaculture designer. Phil was fortunate to work with PA Yeomans and has a deep understanding of the Keyline Planning System and swale construction. His bio is so long its difficult to condense! He currently works in the Bega Valley designing waste water treatment systems, ecological sustainable housing design, whole farm planning and environmental assessment to comply with council regulations.

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