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    Hi All,

    New to the forum all the way from South Africa and hope you can help. I really want to get trained up before leaving for Adelaide at the end of this year. I would like to know what course to do and so forth. I will be looking at land in Adelaide, SA (Bridgewater/ Mt. Barker) and will like to have all the info and knowledge before going.

    Kind Regards,

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    The Food Forest in Gawler South Australia has a good reputation for PDCs etc.

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    G'day Karl :)

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Can't help you with (South African) contacts regarding training before you leave for South Australia, however once you arrive here in Australia you may wish to get in contact with Ian Lillington (see contact details below).

    Ian was instrumental in setting up community gardens and a farmer's market in Willunga (South Australia). He also designed and built a (permaculture) demonstration house. Much of the knowledge that Ian has gained from his many experiences has been documented and published in the following book:

    Lillington, Ian (2007) "The Holistic Life: Sustainability through Permaculture". Axiom Publishing, Stepney. (ISBN: 978 1 86476 437 6)

    Studying the above book would be a great way of introducing yourself to permaculture.

    Ian now lives in Castlemaine (Victoria), and can be contacted via the MASG (Mount Alexander Sustainability Group): [email protected]

    The MASG website is well worth a look:

    Of course if you are after something a little more challenging with regards to your permaculture reading/study, then may I suggest the following:

    Holmgren, David (2002) "Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability". Holmgren Design Services, Hepburn Springs. (ISBN: 0 646 41844 0).

    David's website:

    When you land in Australia and start looking around for PDC's to undertake, you may like to add this one to your list:

    For more information regarding the above PDC, contact Beck: [email protected]

    Hooroo, and good luck with all you future endeavors,

  4. Karl

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    Thanks for the valuable help and info. I'm going to start immediately.
    I'll keep in touch.



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