Robina McCurdy talk in Samford (Qld) July 20

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    Presenter: Robina McCurdy

    When: Monday 20th July
    Where: Homestead Restaurant, Main St., Samford Village
    Time: 7pm (to approx 9pm)
    Cost: $10 (wage earners) $7 (non-wage earners)
    Please send a "non-binding" RSVP to Michelle Gregory at [email protected] - just to allow us to notify the venue of approximate numbers.

    Tea, coffee, supper will be available to purchase following the presentation.


    The key areas of Robina's approach to community scale food interdependence are:

    developing interconnected resilient communities - with fun ways of motivating and organising whole families to get involved
    a multi-tiered permaculture design strategy (backyard, neighbourhood, local and regional levels)
    extensive and efficient use of local resources, including replenishing wild harvest areas
    an interactive local seasonal calendar for land management, food production, harvest and distribution, linked with social and cultural events
    hands-on education and personal empowerment happening hand-in-hand with growing food
    enriched regional food economies - increasing local and household wealth through growing surplus and value adding.
    Robina applies her methods of building community and deepening relationships with the natural world, presenting successful models of localised food production in New Zealand and other parts of the world.


    Robina is a co-founder/resident/trustee of Tui Land Trust & Community in Aotearoa - New Zealand, and founder/trustee of the Institute for Earthcare Education Aotearoa. She has a Permaculture Diploma and for the past 25 years has been engaged in community development, permaculture design & tutoring, organic growing, the development of environmental education resources & the creation of participatory processes for decision-making & collective action. Robina had taught & applied these powerful community-building methods with households, neighbourhoods, schools, farms, ecovillages & bioregions in New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa, Britain, Canada, USA & Brazil. In 2008, her experience culminated in the publication of her community facilitation manual 'Grounding Vision, Empowering Culture'. Robina now works as a Community Garden Co-Ordinator at Victory Community Centre and as a home garden trainer for the wider Nelson (NZ) area.
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    Re: Robina McCurdy talk in Samford (Qld) July 20

    damn it, I leave for a holiday the day before.
    Thanks for posting it.

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