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    A post to URGE every permie from this board to start reading RGE Monitor at https://www.rgemonitor.com, the homepage of Nouriel Roubini.

    This site is a window into what is REALLY going on in the current financial "crisis".

    Just as sites like "The Oil Drum" explain explicitly what is happening regarding Peak Oil, the Roubini site has been monitoring what I might tag "Peak Credit" for some years.

    People here who understand Peak Oil, and are aware that the Real Issues are getting little to NO coverage in the MSM, will understand that the same applies to the current situation.

    There was something that was really, really bugging me about the "crisis" current situation - and that was Lehman Brothers being allowed to "fail".
    I google checked, and yes, Lehman Brothers was one of the founding owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Some background: The MSM report on the activities of the "Federal Reserve Bank" as if it were a component of the US government like the Senate, House of Reps, the US Treasury or the Department of Defence.

    It is not.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned.

    This is not a conspiracy "theory". It is fact. Get googling if you find this too incredible to accept from some anonymous poster on an "alternative" site like this.

    The Federal Reserve Bank came into being in 1913. It exists to promote and protect the interests of a handful of private families and corporations.

    Lehman Brothers operates globally. And the Roubini site explores the activities of the past few months where Lehman Brothers assets have been sold off globally and repatriated to the US. Interesting, but not really surprising, is that under the terms of the Lehman banruptcy, the choicest, juiciest, ripest assets have been allocated to the private investors. The other owners of the Federal Reserve.

    So while the outer shell of Lehman was allowed to fail, [and lots of stockbrokers are out of work, and we watch and gloat because stockbrokers are greedy and deserve everything they get ]- well the silent, faceless, unknown "private" investors remained protected, safe and secure.

    Just as in 1929 the "moms and pops" and chumps at the bottom of the food chain lost everything they owned - including their dignity - a few at the top of the money tree made off like bandits.

    Read JK Galbraith and the "Great Crash of 1929" and you will learn and understand that we are repeating past mistakes. Like Groundhog Day on steroids.

    From the Great Crash of 1929 came widespread misery and WW2. This time we have Peak Oil to add into the mix. Expect the Great Depression on steroids.
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