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    I work on a research paper about permaculture in dry regions. The main issue is „Watermanagement techniques in dry areas in the permaculture”. To complete this work, I need actual information. If you practice permaculture in such a region, I would very appreciate if you could answer the added (and overworked ;)) questionnaire.

    I whish you a good year!

    Christoph v. Redwitz

    Christoph v. Redwitz
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    Research on Permaculture
    The intension of this Paper is, to learn as much as possible about actual used techniques you use in watermanagement in dry regions in the permacultur. If you don’t want to answer a few questions, just leave them and send me the rest. Please keep this in mind. Answers are possible to any of the contacts.
    Thanks a lot!

    Christoph v. Redwitz

    1. How much land do you use and where is the place?

    2. Where from do you get water and what techniques do you use for that?

    3. How do you irrigate?

    4. What kind of toilet do you use?

    5. How do you manage your wastewater?

    6. How long does your water storage last, and what techniques do you use?

    7. What do you pay for installation and maintenance of the techniques?

    8. What are you planning to change in the future?

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