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    I'm not sure which section of the forum is the best place to post this but my question to the group is:

    What are the best measurements to track on your farm and what frequency do you recommend? I would like to build a strong data base so I can analyse my outputs. My initial thoughts:

    1) Temperature (Daily High, Avg., Low)
    2) Barometer (3 times a day)
    3) Rainfall (1 time per day)
    4) Plot Photos (bi-monthly)
    5) Soil Samples (yearly)

    I also plan to map the property using GPS and then grid into 5 Meter (Is this reasonable size) sections. Property size is approximately 4.5 Hectares. I'd like to make data entry as easy as possible but maximize the science that can be done over time with the measurements. I'm also thinking its best to set up a sampling methodology for the grid so detailed measurements can be done with-out a massive amount of work.

    Ultimately I'd like to compare the inputs, methodologies used, and outputs for a give sector.

    Your thoughts?
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    g'day vince,

    rainfall mate that is all we need to know, that way we can determine if we need to add water or not in periods when rain is scarce, like now.

    only watch the barometer if storm may occur, but would rather check the latest BOM local radar and cloud satt pics especially when storms may occur but isobar and satt' and radar all checked once a day first up

    on our rain gauge chart we note frosts.

    it's how you lay out gardens and fruit groves along contour lines and do rip swales as well to get water into the ground no science needed after that.


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