Real Value...a new documentary on sustainable business creating social change

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    My brother has been creating a documentary about small businesses that are creating sustainable value and social change by giving equal weight to people, planet and profit. It's due to be finished in the fall and out on dvd next year-he's doing a kickstarter to help fund some of the production costs. I've put more of a description and the trailer below. You can also learn more about it on his kickstarter page here:
    If you find it inspiring, please consider contributing either financially and/or by sharing it with friends and family your think might be interested. This will allow him to to finish producing it following the ideals it is about-using small scale local businesses and the support of community.

    "Real Value is an independent documentary that explores real, profitable businesses that choose to focus not just on the bottom line, but on the health of their surrounding communities and the environment.

    To these businesses, things like manufacturing goods in the USA, paying fair wages, and taking care of the environment isn’t going the extra mile - it’s just common sense. They know that business and community are interrelated, and that when their communities are happy and healthy, their businesses are more likely to be the same.

    In keeping with the ideals of the film, all of the interviews for Real Value were locally sourced from the state of North Carolina. However, while the businesses and people are from one geographic area, this is a film with global appeal for any business owner, entrepreneur, or customer who is looking to better understand what happens when a business puts people, profit, and planet on equal footing."


    From the filmmaker

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