Prevailing southerly wind help!

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    Hi everyone,
    we moved to the Czech Republic from Tasmania, Australia two years ago and have since been restoring 1930's homestead with an old orchard. I have completed PDC a few years ago now and couldn't wait to put it to use in my very own home, as most of you could imagine and empathise with, but am now struggling with some of the apects of our site and even with this knowledge under my belt I can't quite work it out...
    The main issue is, the property is on a slope with the house right at the bottom one the East side and a strip of land about 30m wide going up and up for about 350m towards the West, so basically a long noodle. Most of this is an old fruit and nut orchard with a smallish cleared area adjacent to the house with a new veggie patch and some chooks. Not bad you might think, but on both sides we are surrounded by fields and our property is the only piece of greenery in a sea of brown....many of you probably know this too. And it is because of this lack of neighbours that we suffer from pretty big winds, especially drying winds in the warmer months, but coming from the South almost always (that's where the long stretch of fields is, on the North side there is a village in a couple of hundred metres). And that's my biggest issue - I fully understand the function of windbreaks and I hope I also know how to apply them, but since the property is really not wide at all, if I am to plant a reasonably tall windbreak in order to make some impact I will pretty much condemn half the land into semi permanent shade, in winter almost permanent... I can't even create sun traps, as the winds literally always come from this sunny open side...any ideas, please...??? I've been thinking about it for the last two years a lot and finally decided to just go for it, build a fence to create some privacy straight away since everyone from the road can see us and then plant some shade tolerant bushes and trees in front of it, but i would love to hear someone else's perspective - maybe the solution is so simple I just keep missing it...? i'm also thinking a big polytunnel for some more sensitive plants and veggies and then just concentrate on the shade loving ones.
    Please help, if you have any ideas...thank you!

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