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    Looking for Managers on site at the Panya Project in Northern Thailand

    Summer / Fall / Winter 2010

    Six Month Minimum


    The Panya Project is an education center that is fairly seasonal by nature. Please read more about us at:


    These are responsibilities that we know would benefit from having a single, or two, dedicated people working on at the project. The positions cover specific responsibilities in specific areas but there is a great deal of flexibility and experimentation at Panya, so we welcome creative help in any direction, on any project area. That means that even if you are applying for Volunteer Coordinator, we would love for you to get involved in building projects and experimentation in the kitchen, or whatever else you are interested in doing!

    Compensation for all of the positions comes in the form of room and board, and limited access to our motorbikes and bicycles for the duration of your stay at Panya. We hope that is opportunity serves as a perfect time to work on your Permaculture Diploma, get a lot of experience working in a tropical food forest, eating great food, and having a good time.

    We are a fun-loving community, so it won’t all be work! We try to maintain a very balanced perspective on life, balancing our work with play and that with yoga and meditation and exercise. We have a great coffee shop next door that serves the best fruit shakes ever, run by one of our neighboring communities (Pun Pun, www.punpunthailand.org), and there is a swimming lake about 15 minutes walk up into the forest. Life’s pretty good here. We would love to have you come join us!

    If you are interested in any of these positions, please copy and paste the questionnaire at the bottom to an e-mail and send in your responses. Please attach a resume as well (it can be a very rough resume, don’t spend hours trying to make it look professional!)

    The following positions are for any six month (even longer is preferred) period starting in 2010.

    This year we are excited to have Will Eastlake and Shelley McClure as our overall Farm Managers for the duration of the summer months. They will be here helping to boost our food forest, and help the whole property boom throughout the rainy season. We are looking for a few people to come here to help them see that the rainy season is a wonderful, productive season for Panya.

    If you are interested in any of these positions please respond. We hope that you are excited for a quiet, beautiful environment. We have an amazing library of sustainable living and eastern philosophy books (and others). You will have the opportunity to do as much work on the site as you like, but also plenty of opportunity to swim in the lake, relax in a hammock or make music. The ideal situation would be in a number of friends came together or a couple came together to fill in these positions (at least that is what I imagine would be the ideal!)


    Volunteer Coordinator

    Needed as soon as possible

    The responsibilities of the volunteer coordinator include:
    — - corresponding via email and phone with interested visitors and volunteers,
    — -setting up accommodations in our dorm space, tents and guest houses for visitors
    — -orienting visitors to the farm via tours, etc.
    — -managing the monetary contributions of visitors and making sure bills get paid.

    We are looking for someone who would consider themselves to be a "people person." Comfortable and good at communicating with a wide variety of people, both in person and over e-mail. This person should also be very patient.

    There will be some periods where this position will be busier than others, but for the most part, this summer will probably involve minimal volunteer coordinating responsibilities. We are actually taking step this year to make this job a little less hectic, by limiting the visitors to certain times they can visit, and asking that anyone who wants to come volunteer needs to stay for at least a week. (It gets very tiring giving tours and long explanations to people who only stay for a day or two.) We are looking for someone who is excited to help out on the farm as well, not just fulfill your duties and then sit around. Get involved in planting, mulching, cooking, and everything else that goes on (as well as plenty of relaxation, swimming and reading).


    Permaculture Farm Managers

    ideally one year stay.

    The responsibilities of the Permaculture Farm Manager
    — -manage the farm when the other experienced permaculturalists are away.
    — -work together with the other long-term volunteers to plant and maintain an integrated food forest.
    — -make sure we are chopping and dropping our grass (oversee the labor force for cutting grass, raking into mulch onto trees etc)
    — -planting of new trees out of the nursery
    — -planting of banana suckers into the fire break
    — -and any other design and implement that you see fit (with our approval)

    This person (or these people) need to have experience working with permaculture systems. They need to have energy and motivation. They need to work well with others, because often when there are visitors and volunteers they will be working with you, as well as working with the other experienced permaculturalists on the land. This person also needs to know how to strike a balance, because the amount of work that could be done is endless. We don’t expect to get it all done!

    Ideally we have a team of people doing this job. We are open to taking a number of people who are either working on their permaculture diploma, or simply excited to get more experience in tropical permaculture systems.

    Our current overall Farm Managers will be leaving in September. We are looking for some experienced permies who would like to be here with them for at least a couple months, then take over their responsibilities when they depart. You will always have others here to help.


    Animal Manager

    The responsibilities of the animal manager include:
    — -Feeding and watering the chickens
    — -collecting the eggs
    — -moving the chickens when it’s time
    — -feeding and caring for the ducks
    — -feeding the dogs

    We have several chickens and are hoping that they will start laying even more! This summer we plan on trying to use ducks to help seal our pond. We have been told, by a trusted source that if we put 100 ducks into the pond area, and let them do their thing, that they will help to seal the pond. So, being that it is a cheap (and multi-beneficial) plan, we hope to try this this summer.

    We do plan on eating them as well, so if you cannot stand that idea, then please do not apply for this position.

    We are looking for someone who has experience with ducks, both in the rearing as well as in slaughtering, but even if you are just excited to learn (and willing to read up in advance), then you can apply.

    If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, tell us a bit about yourself and cut and paste the questions below into an e-mail. Answer them and send them in to:

    [email protected]

    Thanks all,
    Christian Shearer
    Managing Director
    Panya Project

    Please title your e-mail: I WANT THE POSITION!

    1. What position are you interested in?

    2. Why do you think that you would be good for the job?

    3. What relevant experience do you have? When? What were your duties?

    4. How long would you stay with us, ideally? From when to when?

    5. Why are you interested in living at the Panya Project

    6. Have you ever lived in community before? When? Where?

    7. How was the communtiy living experience for you?

    8. What other interests do you have?

    9. What can we do to make your experience with us even better? Is there something specific you want to learn from your stay with us?

    10. Do you have any other questions for us?

    Please attach a (rough is fine) version of your resume.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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