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    Hi all,
    I'm building a new kitchen/living room on my house. The rectangular room will be approximately 10m long,5m deep and about 2.5-3m high. Three sides of the room will be [mostly solid] brick wall with the East facing wall predominantly composed of glass. The stove/oven will be at the South end of the room. I want to have a living wall on the North end - roughly 3m long and 2m high. I know the natural light is not ideal and will have proper grow-lights installed.
    The 'Green' wall could be a vertical garden only, a large trough with or without trellis above or a combination of the two. I would like to make sure the space is as green as possible and but also to grow as much edible produce as possible.
    So, do I stick to herbs, peppers, chillies, kale, chard, strawberries etc on a vertical wall [when I already grow much of this outside]? Or should I go for a few citrus trees in a trough? Or can I do something more interesting? Are there more exciting fruits I could grow indoors? A grape vine perhaps [planted in trough and trained up onto the trellis]? A Kiwi? A Melon? [… or even all three a grape, a melon and a kiwi?] A Peach or nectarine tree would be wonderful, perhaps with Physalis below and grape/kiwi/melon behind on the trellis? Or would the trees block out too much of the light for the grape/kiwi/melon behind so I would have to train the fruit trees along the trellis [with the grape/Kiwi/melon all competing for space]?
    This is located in the south of the UK so generally pretty mild weather with few extremes. Yes we'll have the glass side open during balmy summer days but for the most part it's going to be a warm heated room...and there will be professionally installed grow-lights.
    How can I best fill the space with luscious tasty fruits?

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