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    permacultureworksdesigning beyond sustainabilty for a regenerative future

    David’s approachto design comes from his proven practicality, having over 15 years’ experiencein permaculture design and education working and teaching with Bill Mollison atthe Permaculture Institute Tasmania, and Geoff Lawton managing director of thePermaculture Research Institute Australia Zaytuna farm.

    David worked asfarm manager of the renowned Tagari farm in northern NSW.
    Teaching anddesigning nationally and internationally, Working in 5 states of Australia,Morocco, Jordan and Palestine in many different climate zones.
    He is renowned forhis work ethic and getting the job done.

    Our mission is to design and install regenerativesystems, for people and environment.
    We strongly adhere to the three ethics ofpermaculture.
    Care of the earth.
    Care of people.
    And return of surplus.

    Permaculture global david spicer

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    Phone 0487781020

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