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    Just on the issue of book learning is this internet a remarkable tool for us.

    I can put Schizolobium parahyba into a search engine - wondering what the tree is, click on image and get a visual on what you are looking for.

    I first heard it called a Racehorse Tree - which would have drawn guesses or blanks. Mexican Tree Fern would have got a few 'aahs'. False Jacaranda would have clued richard and maybe christopher in. I also didnt know it existed in Australia - which it does.

    Now armed with the latin name I can ask all of you compare Schizolobiums with Schizolobium or 'apples with apples'..

    I will never be a botanist but I am learning enough about latin names now to understand their value when describing things, knowing I am not being a smart arse and that other participants can do a similar search.

    The internet has got to be the ultimate 'book'.


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