Permaculture & Sustainability Project Takes Off In Jordan

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    A permaculture garden and a mud-brick house, the Dead Sea Harmony Centre in Jordan spreads the word on sustainability

    William Alajalian, who was born and raised in the Dead Sea area of Ghor Mazraa, may be new to environmentalism but he is more passionate and pro-active than most campaigners. Around three years ago, his passion to build a garden and host visitors staying in Jordan collided in new ways. “Through hosting different people from different cultures I became more open minded and educated in sustainable solutions and projects,” he explains to Green Prophet. “Every new person gave me a new idea and more energy to keep going.” Three years on and with the support of locals from his neighbourhood, he has set up an flourishing eco-centre which showcases green methods of growing and water conservation .

    A barren landscape is transformed

    “Coming from a conservative community I did not have much support in my ideas,” admits Alajalian (who is pictured above on the right). “Most people thought it was useless and unnecessary. But what I realised is that to reach the community I had to set an example of my own first. Now we have become a group of people, working together to create an example, a platform with minimum expenses.”

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