Permaculture property for sale in north of Tuscany, Italy

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    The people in a village close to Lucca call this place 'un amore' - a little love.

    It comprises around six acres of land given to woodland, pastures, olive grove and new orchard.

    Position perfect, with almost no external sounds, save for bird-songs.

    Charming cottage, eco-insulated, overlooks a valley and olive grove, with two bedrooms and bathroom (upstairs) and two living rooms and kitchen (downstairs), reconstructed and transformed, full of colour.

    Beautifully finished, insulated with calcecanapa (hemp) rendered in cocciopesto, oldest eco-material.

    For winter a wood stufa (stove), connected to the central heating, warms the house in half an hour

    Minimal cost to run. Free water from natural spring.

    Price: 198.000 euro Contact: [email protected] for details and photos

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