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    From Little Things Big Things Grow
    Small and slow solutions is one of the permaculture principles that inspired the theme of this year’s annual Open Day at the Permaculture College of Australia. Taking place on the grounds of Djanbung Gardens, Sat June 9 from 9.30-4, the students of 2012 studying Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) are organizing the event.

    Including locally grown organic food at the Djanbung cafe, tours of the permaculture gardens, a variety of not-to-be-missed workshops, informative displays, permaculture goodies for sale, live entertainment and plenty of fun.

    “We can hardly wait to share some of the great knowledge we’ve gained through the Accredited Training. THAT’s what it’s all about! Living sustainably and fair share..” student Phil Bromley expects of the day. Phil will be presenting a demonstration on food storage.

    Revel in the fun of the Compost Display with Johnny Evolution and Lauren Jardine.
    Tommy Wellham discusses how to start a Transition Town movement, while Sangye Christiannson explores engaging youth and the nature of education.
    The resourceful Gudren puts your palm leaves to crafty work, and
    don’t miss German import, Jens Quetsch and his amazing vertical garden!In total 13 workshops on offer with highly practical, simple and best of all, easy ways of leaving a smaller footprint on the earth for our future generations.

    Cafe opens 9.30 with yummy refreshment and delicious lunches 12-2 featuring local and garden produce. Please stay on to enjoy some Music and Chai to wrap up the day, featuring local talent and students.

    All proceeds from the day fund student resources at the College which operates as a not-for-profit educational and vocational organization.

    It’s the change everyone’s talking about so don’t miss out on this fun and practical educational event.

    Full list of workshops for the day:

    Jens- Vertical Gardens

    Sheree- Bicycle Blender

    Gudren- Crafts

    Phil- Food Storage

    Sangye- Engaging youth

    Missy- Wildlife corridors and shelter belts for stock and crop

    Tommy- Transition Towns

    Lauren- composting toilet

    Paquita- Grow your own wealth, produce no waste

    Olivia- Communicating with nature

    Georgia- Biogas

    Johnny- Natural and man-made soils

    Gabrielle- Make your own cloth pads


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