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    The Ecological Design Event of 2007

    Sustainable Living on the road Feb 12th to Mch 5th

    Three week residential design course on the road from Northland to Taranaki. Discover a permanent awareness of strategies for Sustainable Living in the 21C…equip yourself with the practical tools for self-reliance and take charge of your ecological footprint.

    Beat the rush to redesign your lifestyle!

    A design process in and of itself, we learn to shape alternative futures, and to mobilise community action in partnership. Study the wholistic science of Ecological Planning & Design, otherwise known as Permaculture, with some of Aotearoa’s masters in their crafts. Learn the principles of whole system design thinking, a universal tool-kit.

    The original 72 hr curriculum…with a twist

    Immerse yourself in a low-impact lifestyle. Witness this emerging culture of sustainability first-hand with some of NZ’s most experienced educators for sustainability. A once in a lifetime opportunity. You will experience;

    Observation and understanding natural systems.
    Theory and principles of sustainable systems.
    Designing for urban and rural land use.
    Designing for living in community.
    Appropriate strategies for different climates.
    Energy efficient and healthy building.
    Renewable energy systems.
    Water harvest, storage, and treatment.
    Waste management systems.
    Landscape restoration.
    Growing food and designing gardens, orchards, forests, and windbreaks.
    Organic soil improvement and rehabilitation techniques.
    Animal management in sustainable systems.
    Alternative economic structures.
    Lot’s of adventure-based activities in spectacular landscapes.
    Rest & relaxation, taking in the kiwi culture at the Soundsplash reggae festival (

    Contact: Ruth Cohen
    Taranaki Environment Centre
    20 Kauri Street Inglewood
    Taranaki New Zealand
    Ph#: +64 6 756 8229
    Email: [email protected]

    “Another world is not only possible, but she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing” (Arundhati Roy).

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