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    We are looking for some PDC graduates/Permaculture enthusiasts that want a working holiday on a tropical island paradise!
    We need help in all aspects of building a 14 acre Permaculture demonstration farm, from the vegetable garden to the food forest, to planting and maintaining and building things with bamboo, to harvesting the abundance and everything else involved in creating a Permaculture lifestyle...
    We are on the north shore, very wet most of the year, close to lots of waterfalls and swimming holes. Driving distance to the beach. We are off the grid, catching our rainwater and solar power. We have some pretty nice accomodations to share with willing workers.
    We potentially have space for longer term involvement for the right people with the right skills. Any diesel mechanics out there? What about an experienced goat dairyer?
    If anyone is interested please email me for more information.
    [email protected]

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