Permaculture on a residential block in Brisbane

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    My name is Maree, I am 28 and a part-time WWOOFer (I work part time in the city - 3 days, and the rest of the week do WWOOFing - 4 days).

    I'm interested in building / helping build / maintaining a permaculture-based vegetable/fruit garden on a residential block in the *Brisbane* area.

    If you have a residential-sized block with a decent sized yard (that is currently, or can be, used to produce food) and you are interested in permaculture or growing a lot of the food you eat in your own backyard, please let me know.

    I work under the terms of WWOOFing, so for three or four days a week I am available for WWOOFing, I work in exchange for food and (simple) accommodation.

    I have some experience in growing fruit and vege, and I completed a permaculture design course a few years ago.

    Would love to hear from like-minded people (permaculture/ organics / self-sufficient) who need a hand or a willing worker.

    Maybe you are a mature age person who is finding it hard to keep your vege patch going and would like some ''younger bones'' to help you in your garden?

    Send me an email at ...

    [email protected]

    ... if you would like to talk to me about this.

    Hope to hear from you,


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