Permaculture Internship - on Paradies Island Palawan

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    Palawan Island – Tierra Libre Ecotopia Internship Program

    1 or 3 or 6 Month Permaculture Internships for only 200 Dollar monthly cost

    This an opportunity to have a deep, comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that provides the foundational learning in permaculture and regenerative design as well as advanced skills, during a Internship Program with lots of hands-on permaculture application, with additional hours for advanced design practice and learning.

    During the Internship Program you will get a chance to:

    • Receive a toolkit of comprehensive course materials covering all the different areas of permaculture design (printed playbook and digital files)
    • Gain an understanding of the principles of permaculture design, an in-depth introduction into water management and earthworks with hands-on projects specific to the site needs
    • Get Practical hands-on experience of implementing a Permaculture Design
    • Work together in a small group on a design project that you will present at the end of the course, with opportunities to do other individual system designs
    • Interact and network with participants and experienced instructors
    • Experience rural and farm living
    • Experience community with a shared vision and goal
    • Experience living & learning on a Permaculture site in its pioneer phase with lots of learning opportunities
    • Upon completion of the course curriculum and the group design work receive an Internship Certificate.
    · All Rates Includes Camping or shared dormitory and all Food, Plus over 15gb of Data

    · Course time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, exercises, hands-on projects, photos, movies and site visits. We will be outside and working as much as is possible and to what suits the energy level of the crew. However, there will still be times when we are in a more traditional class setting.
    While we will focus on land systems, many discussions and examples will be explored of applications in the ‘Invisible Structures’. These are the social, cultural, political, and economic structures we create as humans that powerfully shape our world today.

    · Class usually lasts from approximately 9:00 to 17:00, though we often go on until later as everyone is enjoying the work and wants to get the needfuls done.

    · The course will be conducted in English. All participants need a functional level of English in order to follow and contribute to classes, clarify doubts, collaborate in groups and present their individual design projects.


    This is a special opportunity to gain hands on experience implementing Permaculture systems under the guidance of experienced and internationally active Permaculture Practitioners. We will live as a community designing, implementing and learning about the many different regenerative systems that are part of a functioning and productive holistic farm ecosystem. This is an in depth opportunity to live and work on a developing permaculture farm in the beautiful Island of Palawan. The Tierra Libre Ecotopia Project is in its pioneer phase and this gives us the incredible experience of real life hands-on practical Permaculture Learning in the field, mentored and guided by professionals.

    Number of participants and the interests of the group will influence projects done. There is room for multiple concurrent projects, allowing for layered and expansive learning opportunities.

    • Siting and Hand building small swales, boomerangs, and other small harvesting structures
    • Planting Guilds
    • Working to establish a Forest Garden
    • Annual and Perennial Garden Design and Implementation
    • Designing and Creating a Nursery
    • Drip irrigation design and installation
    • Chicken and Duck coops and system
    • IMO’s, Vermicompost, and Compost tea
    • Pond siting and design
    • Forest Management
    • Tierra Libre Ecotopia Permaculture Farm Infrastructure development
    • Bee forage area design and implementation
    • Silvopasture System for Pigs and Chicken Design and start of Implementation
    • Design and Establishment of Multi functional Hedgerows and Living Fences
    • ·Establishment of Agroforestry Systems
    • Pizza Oven and Outdoor Kitchen Construction
    • Local Native Bee Hives
    • Help organize and facilitated Introduction Courses
    • Build simple Bamboo Infrastructure like small huts for eco tourism accommodation
    • Compost Toilet and Outdoor shower establishment
    • and much much more!



    · During the courses students get a chance to experience our land and permaculture site more intimately by camping on the land or staying in a shared dormitory accommodation. In a semi-wild area, we have several spots among the trees for people to pitch their tents in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by hills and forest..
    There is also the possibility for some students with their own bus/camper-van to stay on the land, although space is limited; so if you are interested in bringing a bus, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone!


    · From the communal kitchen, we provide 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the cost of the course (except Sundays when the students are free to feed themselves!)
    Prepared with love, the food is always diverse, fresh, healthy, homemade and vegetarian.

    for more information get in touch with us here: [email protected]

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