Permaculture Design in the Social World

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    Greetings Folks,

    Ive created a wiki site to collaboratively explore the possibilities of integrating Permaculture Design into the Social world. I am hoping this project can inspire a range of input from as diverse a mix of people as possible, ranging from suggestions, editing, ideas and prose. I wanted to explore possibilities and am not too attached to outcomes for the project.

    It would be great to have a small book useful to others, but at present I am personally more interested in the collaborative possibilities for rapid prototype book writing!

    I am willing to aid peoples input in any way possible, perhaps connecting through Skype and drafting points from a conversation around the subject. Its exciting and I would be very grateful for any level of input!

    I feel it is important to express the motivation for this project is process orientated, so if you feel like contributing please do not feel constrained to think in any of the boxes I perhaps do!

    I am also equally as interested in alternative methods of collaboration, so any suggestions that arise are most welcome....

    Heres a link to the Wiki;

    Blessings and Gratitude

    Richard Perkins
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    Re: Permaculture Design in the Social World

    I am not clear ion what your are hoping to achieve.
    Can you give more detail please?

    Aren't forums like this one adding a social or at least a 'social connectivity' level to Permaculture?

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