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    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to this permaculture thing and I was hoping I could get a bit of guidance.
    I've drawn up a permaculture design for my house that will involve a lot of work to setup and I just want to make sure the design doesn't have any huge mistakes or things that are better to be fixed now rather than later on in the project.

    I'm going to be starting with the biggest area first (top right) so don't focus too much on the other areas as they haven't had as much thought put into them however suggestions are still welcome.

    I'm open to all suggestions any advice is appreciated!

    Let me know if you need more info [​IMG]

    P.S. This block is north facing (faces the sun) which is beneficial since I am in Australia.

    P.P.S I plan on sheet mulching over the kikuyu grass I have any ideas on whether that will work well. Will That get rid of the grass or is it best to attempt to pull it out? photo_2017-03-24_16-36-33.jpg photo_2017-03-24_16-36-33.png photo_2017-03-24_16-36-41.jpg

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