Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Thailand, July

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    The Permaculture Design Certificate Course, widely referred to as the PDC, has been taught globally for decades now to students all over the globe, and typically requires 72 hours of class and hands-on activities.

    Your PDC course here at Daruma will begin with an orientation tour of the farm and grounds to give you an overall impression of how individual elements interrelate to each other here.

    Topics covered during class will include the 14 chapters of ‘Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual’ by Bill Mollison, and classes are generally scheduled morning to lunch with hands-on application during the afternoons.

    The PDC content can be daunting in its breadth and scale. From the scale of the soil microbiome where we look at EM & IMO (effective microorganisms, and indigenous microorganisms), through to plants, integrated animal systems, trees, the water cycle, regenerating landscapes, and on to learning about the part we humans play in this huge ecosystem & how we can effect positive changes, the course is both detailed, and diverse.

    Upon completion of your PDC, you will be presented with your Permaculture Design Course Certificate. Students must complete the 72 hours of class & hands-on activities along with presenting their own design project at the end of the course.

    You will also be registered on the Permaculture Global Network website by your instructor, confirming your attendance & announcing your successful completion of the course to the global permaculture community.


    The venue for your Permaculture Design Course is Daruma Eco Village, a functioning Ecovillage based within the culture & education domain of the permaculture flower.


    We feel our all inclusive price delivers excellent value to you, covering all meals, accommodation, use of the extensive library & other study areas including 20 computer cubicles in the Learning Resource Centre, super fast internet, natural pool, sauna and FarmLab™ to name a few of the facilities at Daruma which are at your disposal during your stay.

    For further details see the webpage here: Permaculture Course, Thailand



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