Permaculture Design Course in The Bahamas - Aug 4-18

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    Come join us in The Bahamas on the island of Eleuthera for an intensive 72-hour two-week permaculture design course from August 4-18! This course will teach participants the basic principles, methods, and implementation strategies for designing permaculture systems. The course will include lectures, discussions, field trips, and a final design project, as well as hands-on workshops on subjects such as plant propagation, grafting, and composting. The course is being hosted by the Center for Sustainable Development, the nexus of sustainable design, environmental science, and sustainable agriculture in The Bahamas, located on a campus that serves as a model for sustainable living.

    • Complete 72-hour permaculture design certification recognized worldwide
    • Learn experientially on a campus featuring rainwater cisterns, renewable energy systems, aquaponics, biodiesel production, edible landscaping, and more!
    • Learn and apply principles of sustainable and regenerative systems
    • No prerequisites required!

    Course Description

    This 72-hour permaculture design course (PDC) offers students a chance to earn certification in permaculture design through experiential education and place-based learning with experienced and passionate Caribbean-based instructors. We enjoy a unique site located on a rural peninsula on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas that offers beauty, serenity, and opportunity for exploration.

    Our 18-acre campus includes both a semester abroad school, a renowned center for marine research, and a center for sustainable development. Permaculture design is integrated into everything we do here and the site features a diversified orchard, integrated animal systems, organic garden beds, renewable energy systems, ecological sanitation, a biogas digester, ecological architecture, aquaponics, a biodiesel lab, and many other innovative systems.

    Participants will learn how to design and develop from a whole systems perspective and walk away with a certificate in permaculture design recognized by permaculturists worldwide. Although there will be a Caribbean focus to the course, the material will be relevant for all climatic zones and bioregions as we will be following the standard curriculum for permaculture design courses laid out by Bill Mollison. The course includes lectures, discussions, and field trips designed to accommodate different adult learning styles as well as hands-on workshops on mapping, plant propagation, grafting, composting, seed saving and other subjects. The final culmination of the course will be a final group design project and presentation. Coursework will cover inter-disciplinary topics including site design, earth repair, and systems integration.


    $2200 Shared 2-Person Room, All Meals
    $1900 Shared Dorm Room, All Meals
    $1000 Bahamian Scholarship* (Dorm Room), All Meals
    $1000 Commuter, Lunch Only
    -$200 Discount for Early Registration Before June 15 (Excluding Scholarships)

    *Contact us for scholarship application


    Erle Rahaman-Noronha, Permaculture Teacher and Designer
    Founder and Director of Wa Samaki Ecosystems in Freeport, Trinidad

    Erle Rahaman-Noronha is the Kenyan-born owner of Wa Samaki Ecosystems and a lover of Carnival who now resides in Trinidad where he is remodeling a former citrus estate through permaculture restoration. He teaches and practices Permaculture, producing indigenous food crops, tropical fish and cut flowers on his farm which has won Agricultural Entrepreneur awards for forestry, aquaculture and horticulture. In 2011, Erle was the winner of the National Agricultural Entrepreneur award for Agroforestry.

    Erle holds a BSc in Applied Biochemistry and a MSc in Zoology from the University of Guelph. He was trained in Permaculture Design, Intensive Aquaculture, Dendrology and Tropical Landscaping. As co-director of Caribbean Permaculture Consultants Ltd., he spearheaded initiatives using permaculture to rehabilitate degraded lands; to create forest buffer zones around industrial estates and to educate students and teachers in 40 schools throughout southwest Trinidad.
    He has been involved with Knowing and Growing Workshops in Jamaica, consulted as a permaculture expert in Suriname and Grenada, and has taught Permaculture Design courses in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, St Lucia and Trinidad.
    Erle’s TedX talk:

    Adam Dusen, Permaculture Teacher and Designer
    Sustainability Teacher at the Center for Sustainable Development

    Adam is originally from the northeast United States but now calls the pink sand beaches of Eleuthera his home. Adam has been working on organic farms and teaching and practicing permaculture for the last eight years and now teaches students about sustainable agriculture and manages the permaculture farm and aquaponics systems at the Center for Sustainable Development, producing tilapia, salad greens, pork, fresh herbs, fruit, and a wide variety of vegetables for campus consumption.

    Adam holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from Linköping University in Sweden and specializes in ecological sanitation systems including composting toilets and greywater systems. He is also a trained permaculture designer and organic farm inspector. Aside from his passion for permaculture, Adam is also an avid scuba diver, snorkeler, and ultimate frisbee player.

    Before living in The Bahamas, Adam co-managed The Panya Project, a permaculture ecovillage and education center in northern Thailand, where he oversaw the production of tropical fruit, herbs, and vegetables and helped teach numerous permaculture and sustainable living courses.

    For inquiries or to register, contact [email protected]

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