Permaculture design course in Portugal

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    Warm Mediterranean
    Permaculture Design Course Portugal
    We shall be holding a permaculture design course at our community near Fundao from 28th March - 5th April. This is a 72 hour course, spread over 9 intensive days of practical experience and learning the principles, methods and applications of permaculture, sustainable land design and growing. The course will be led by Lesley Martin a teacher with twenty years teaching experience.
    The course will cost 150 euros including food. Accomodation is camping so bring a tent. We will need a 50 euro deposit 1 month before the course start date so that we can confirm numbers of attendees.

    Please get in touch at [email protected] for more details and pass this message on to anyone you know who may be interested.
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    Re: Permaculture design course in Portugal

    I'm bumping this back to the top!

    Can't join you unfortunately - family and health commitments keep me tethered to the farm, but I'm wishing you a wonderful week. I've been trying to grow some tagasaste from seed and have just found somewhere that will ship to Portugal *with innoculant*!! If it goes well and I get lots of seedlings, I'll try to arrange a visit and bring you some.

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