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    We are doing it again.
    An international qualification and practical toolkit for creating a sustainable future by design. Grifen Hope and Javiera Carrión will co-facilitate this journey of transformation with the team from Permaculture in the living university of Villa El Manzano.
    And now, a new element to our courses, live conference with international guests and leaders in the permaculture, ecovillage and transition movements. Our friends Geoff Lawton Pending (Permaculture Research Institute), David Holmgren Pending (Co-creador de la Permacultura), Darren Doherty Pending (Maestro de la Permacultura), Liora Adler Pending(cofundador de Universidad Gaia), y Rob Hopkins Confirmed (Transition Towns) will be joining us through live conference to share with us their thoughts and experience about the challenges and opportunities in the world of sustainability.
    The Classroom / Sala de Classes
    Our central objective is to train and equip a team of teachers designers and regeneration actionists in Chile and around the world working together to cultivate practical action for local resilience. A transdisciplinary team capable of creating (design and implement) lifeboats; demonstration sites to serve as models to help build sustainable human settlements in homes, schools, workplaces and communities.
    The Permaculture Design Course has motivated and trained thousands of permaculture activists, designers and educators in the world ... ... a global network generating local and global impact.
    Imagen1.png"What we are doing...permaculturists. Is the most important activity that takes place on the planet" (David Suzuki).
    Immerse yourself in design science of Permaculture. Develop a basic understanding of the principles of natural systems and design needed to redesign human systems and societies.
    "Permaculture is common sense, that is no longer common" (Joe Polaischer).
    Be a leader in your community, equip yourself with the tools to redesign your lifestyle, your school, your work or community for a sustainable and healthy living. Develop a speech on sustainability that allows you to participate in the implementation of local and global solutions, be the change.
    For more information on Ecoescuela see this video here see this video here.
    When: Feb 13th to 28th 2010.
    Where: El Manzano, Cabrero, Región del Bío-Bío, Chile.
    Format: 9am-10pm, starting on February 2, with a free day optional field trip in the middle of the course. Students need to arrive on Thursday afternoon before the course begins.
    Price: Adults $280,000 to $750,000. Sliding Scale of your income and opportunities.
    Note: Pay the course in full at least 30 days before it begins, and we reduce the total course cost to $ 252,000 to 675,000.
    Deposit: amount is required to reserve quota of $ 75,000, not refundable after April 1, 2010. The balance is due at least one week prior to the course start date.
    Data to make a deposit:
    Agricola y Forestal El Manzano Limitada
    Rut: 79.755.000-0
    Banco BCI
    Cuenta Corriente nº 73202045.
    Discounts available for couples. We have some Scholarships davailable for people with low resources. Price includes all food and accomodation. Niños $140.000 por niño.
    YOU CAN PAY FOR THIS COURSE USING FRANQUICIA TRIBUTARIA CÓDIGO SENCE. To get the code and more information contact Javiera [email protected]. If you are a resident of Chile and work for a business or school etc the Chilean Givernment will reimburse you the course cost. You can read the details here.
    Contacto: Carolina Heidke
    Telephono: +56-43-1972261 o +56-9-74322221
    Dirección: Casilla 15, Cabrero, Region del Biobio, Chile
    Our Network: Ecoescuela
    Facilitadore(s): Grifen Hope, Javiera Carrion, Jorge Carrión, Carolina Heidke and Jose Carrión.
    Applications: Click here to download the Application Form. Please send your registration form as soon as possible, we have limited vacancies. Contact us soon! Send us information by mail as soon as possible to reserve your seat! To ensure your place will have to make a deposit as soon as possible. Deposit is non refundable after March 2 2010.

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