permaculture demo site in San Marcos, CA

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    Hi, we bought a house and moved in June 26th 2011. It is in San Marcos CA (san diego area). we are in the process of converting the barn into a class room /kitchen area. We have earth worked a large swale (L-115 feet, w-3'on bottom to 6' on top, 3' deep). it is cover cropped and we have been planting under and over story n/fixers. We have dug 2 small ponds, we some chickens in a free range area. we are completing approximately 180 linear feet of double reach garden beds directly adjacent to the house (south side).
    The site is a rectangle and gets full exposer to the sun (longest part running east and west). There is a seasonal creek running along the north and east sides of the site.
    We are going to be working on some hugelkulture beds in the back (west) part of the site. There will be between 2 and 4 beds. Each bed will be approxemly 200 feet long , 6 feet wide, and 5 feet tall. I just took some picts today and will get them up soon. Fun, Fun Joey

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