Permaculture Course, Thailand, 22nd to 23rd June 2019

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    Permaculture, RetroSuburbia, Pattern Language and Theory U Course


    This introductory course will include both the history and theory of permaculture design & retrosuburbia, practical applications of the design methods, as well as diving into the commonalities and overlaps between the old (PDC) and the new (RSC), delivering a retrosuburbia-centric fusion of the best of both approaches.

    It is often said, “permaculture is different things for different people.” The diversity of the domains and activities of applied permaculture a.k.a. the permaculture flower certainly support this saying.

    In his latest book, David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture has produced what is certainly one of the most significant contributions to permaculture in the last 30 years.

    Most importantly, it instructs us on how our designs and practice can actually make a meaningful impact in a world that desperately needs sustainability at the core of every conscious action.

    This book awakens one of the sleeping giants that influenced original permaculture design: Christopher Alexander’s, ‘A Pattern Language.’ Another book in that same series described a co-creation process which has been most recently refined by Otto Scharmer in his book Theory U.

    This 2-day course will first introduce the concepts of each of these incredibly important books that relate directly to effective permaculture design. Then applications of these theories will be shared until It will become obvious why this is the most significant and substantial evolution of permaculture.

    Relevant for people that are actively creating designs, considering possible future designs or even just living a normal life in a city, town or suburb anywhere on Earth. In other words, this course is for everyone.

    No experience in permaculture design is required and a primer of permaculture will be included for anyone that is completely new to the design method or that would like to have a recap of the main concepts.

    Spots are intentionally limited to allow complete immersion of participants in the course process.

    For further information, see the course, venue & teacher information here.

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