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    My name is Christopher Nesbitt. I am available for land use consultancies in Belize, the Caribbean, Central and South America, wherever it is lowland and hot and humid.

    I have over 23 years experience in agroforestry and permaculture, and worked for 7 years in the cacao industry. My interests are in replicating ecological services such as carbon sequestration, soil and soil moisture retention, habitat creation while enhancing food security and creating income generation through crops like cacao, vanilla, ginger, and timber species.

    I also work on renewable energy projects and specialize in off grid systems in protected areas, and am available for system design and installation in Belize, the Caribbean, Central and South America

    I manage the Maya Mountain Research Farm, located in beautiful San Pedro Columbia, Toledo District, Belize, an NGO that works primarily on issues of food secrity using permaculture principles and appropriate technology. For more information, please visit or contact me at info(at)

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