Permaculture Conference July 2-July 15, 2005 - Crestone CO

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    Permaculture Design
    Certification Course
    July 2-July 15, 2005

    Chokecherry Farm and Living Arts Present:
    Crestone’s 1st Annual

    Permaculture is a whole-systems approach to designing sustainable and symbiotic human, animal, and plant communities for the benefit of the Earth and humanity. Come earn your Permaculture Design Certificate while experiencing the natural beauty and outdoor living of Crestone and Chokecherry Farm. This course blends Permacultural theory with hands-on experience on the land, guest presenters, and field trips to local related projects.

    Course Topics:
    *Understanding the Principles, Characteristics, and Ethics of Permacultural Design
    *Reading the Landscape, Site Analysis, and Observation
    *Restoration and Proper Management of our Forests
    *Learning the Principles of Natural Systems & Edge Effects
    *Effective Management of Micro-Livestock to Benefit the Land
    *Cultivating Living Soils that are rich in Nutrients and Organic Matter
    *How to Design and Build Sustainable Homes using Appropriate Technologies
    *Understanding Sustainable Aquaculture and Watershed Restoration
    *Optimal Building Techniques and Management of a Sustainable Greenhouse
    *Creating Gardens and Orchards to form a Species Rich “Genetic Ark”
    *Invisible Structures, Village Design, and Community Economics, and Much More!
    Plus, you’ll create and present a Permacultural design with a team of fellow students

    Scott Pittman, founder of the Permaculture Drylands Institute, is one of the foremost teachers of Permaculture in the United States and has taught extensively worldwide. Scott co-taught with Permaculture founder Bill Mollison for five years and has helped establish Permaculture communities around the globe. Scott lives in New Mexico and will be the main instructor for the course.

    Other Guest Instructors, will address specialty topics and lead hands-on projects.

    Tuition: $950 includes course fees, tent site, and simple outdoor living accommodations with three organic meals a day.
    Location: Chokecherry Farm is a newly founded small farm in Crestone, CO dedicated to whole-systems approaches to subsistence, energy, and domestic living.
    For more Information or to Register call
    719-256-5572 email [email protected]

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