Permaculture 12 Days pdc + 5 Days workshop - Bali , Indonesia

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    humid tropical wet climate .
    The Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

    The syllabus is based on Bill Mollison, Permaculture Designers Manual, and David Holmgren’s, Permaculture Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability. The course content will be 75 % theory and 25% permaculture design application. The course will be taught by Bali’s leading permaculture teacher, and farmer I Made Chakra Widia and the founder of Edge5 Permaculture Greg Knibbs.

    Both Charka and Greg have taught together before in Malaysia and Sumatra now for the first time we are delighted to be teaching at Chakra own farm. You will be learning and seeing real tropical permaculture systems in action. We are offering a full PDC but will focus on students’ needs as well, to give the participant the option pick what is most interesting for them to learn.

    The Teaching Team

    I Made Chakra Widia the founder of Tri Hita Karana Bali. Chakra aim is to counter the negative environmental impact of the so-called ‘Green Revolution,’ a set of initiatives sponsored by the World Bank with the Indonesian government in the 1950s and 60s to increase crop yields using harmful pesticides. He is reinvigorating the Balinese philosophy of harmony between people, nature, community, through inspirational educational programs and a varied set of workshops and projects based on permaculture principles in order to create sustainability for the island of Bali. We are farmers, students, educators, professionals, volunteers, children, adults, activists, and change-makers.

    Greg Knibbs the founder of Edge5 is a passionate permaculture teacher and designer with more than 30 years’ experience. Greg’s permaculture career started in the Philippines in 1997 working towards a Diploma of permaculture under Bill Mollison. He has co-taught with Bill and Geoff Lawton several times.

    He has taught advanced permaculture design alongside, David Holmgren. As well as teaching, Greg has overseen a vast portfolio of functioning permaculture projects in East and West Africa, across South East Asia and in remote communities in Australia.

    Tickets for 12 days PDC
    Tickets for 5 days workshop

    For more information: [email protected]

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