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    You can get an RSS feed of any of these sites to your browser with Google Reader

    YouTube - Permaculture Water Harvesting

    Geoff Lawton founding Director of the Permaculture Research Institute talks about Permaculture Water Harvesting techniques, swales and sillways. ... -watch&v=2 - 1.4 posts per week - Permaculture resources for Sonoma County and beyond
    Permaculture is the design practice of creating truly sustainable human settlements that mimic, honor, and cooperate with natural ecosystems. ... - 3.5 posts per week

    Phoenix Permaculture Guild - Join us in creating a more ...
    Welcome to the Phoenix Permaculture Guild! Join us as we discover new ways to create a more sustainable Valley of the Sun. ... xn_auth=no

    Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. ... Bill is the founding director of The Permaculture Institute, the first and longest ... - 0.0 posts per week

    Permaculture & Regenerative Design News
    Recently, Dmitry Orlov offered a selection of possible topics for a talk he was giving, and several of them dealt with the ubiquity of permaculture as the ... - 1.2 posts per week
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    Appleseed Permaculture
    AppleSeed Permaculture, a member of the Regenerative Design Group performs land- use design and consulting and based on the principles of permaculture design ... - 0.0 posts per week

    Flickr: London Permaculture's Photostream

    London Permaculture's photostream Pro User ... Balcony Excess Success by London Permaculture ... Tower Block Garden by London Permaculture ... ... 8&lang=en-

    This year the Financial Permaculture Institute is offering a certification in Financial Permaculture. We're designing the certification with participatory ... - 0.5 posts per week

    Eugene Permaculture Guild
    Organization seeks to educate members and the community about the principles of sustainable living. Features photos, events and newsletter. - 0.2 posts per week
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    Sonoran Permaculture
    Eighteen new Permaculturists graduated from our 14th Annual Permaculture Design Course in March. After 72 hours of participation in hands on, classroom, ... - 0.0 posts per week


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