Peak Oil & Post Peak Oil Changes To Society Articles

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    Re: Peak Oil & Post Peak Oil Changes To Society Articles

    Very good Peak Oil overview in web, PDF and Powerpoint format by Gail Tverberg at The Oil Drum:

    Rob Hopkins from Transition Culture has very kindly made his ‘Energy Descent Pathways: Evaluating potential responses to Peak Oil’ document which was once for sale, now freely available (bear in mind that some of the data in the document is now dated - but overall it's still an extremely worthwhile document):

    Click Here to go to download page

    Matt Simmons' recent speeches and papers in PDF format:

    Click Here to go to download page

    Gail Tverberg for The Oil Drum on oil reserves as stated and actual production:

    The Disconnect Between Oil Reserves and Production (Click to view)

    Parts four and five of Jeff Vail's series on 'The Problem of Growth' (previous parts in earlier posts on this thread), plus a common link to the whole series for anyone wanting to bookmark them as one:

    Part 4: Implementing Rhizome at the Personal Level (Click to view)

    Part 5: Implementing Rhizome at the Community Level (Click to view)

    The Problem Of Growth - Full Series download (Click to view)

    Robert Rapier for The Oil Drum with a 'little review of why ERoEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) matters':

    An EROEI Review (Click to view)

    Andrew McNamara (Queensland State Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation) in a recent address to the Brisbane Institute:

    Highway of Diamonds (Click to view)

    Martin Payne from Peak Opportunities on the spectacular decline of Mexican oil production and the consequences for the US, which imports almost all Mexico's exports:

    Mexican Oil Exports: Start Saying Adios! (Click to view)

    And finally, Ali Hussain and Steven Swinford for the Times Online, tell of how some UK people who had low gas and electricity usage saw their bills rise by 40%+ through extra tarrifs - being effectively charged much extra for conserving energy. I wonder if this is a trend we'll see more widely?

    Energy bills rise 50% for low use (Click to view)
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    Re: Peak Oil & Post Peak Oil Changes To Society Articles

    Gail Tverberg for The Oil Drum on the economic impacts of less available energy:

    The Expected Economic Impact of an Energy Downturn

    Another article on a similar topic from Dave Cohen for ASPO-USA:

    A Recipe For Disaster

    Summary of an interview/debate between Matt Simmons and John Hofmeister, president of Royal Dutch Shell's US operations on CNBC’s 'Squawk Box', where Simmons outlines something which feeds into several topics we've covered here before; that the US 'big oil' firms are effectively in liquidation and that can only be temporarily altered by them gaining access to Iraqi oil fields - an occurrence which has been stalled for a long time by the Iraqi government:

    Oil Firms 'In Liquidation,' Says 'Peak Oil' Advocate

    Two-part article from John Michael Greer which covers the phenomenon known as 'Jevons' Paradox' and how it relates to future oil supples and the global economy:

    The Paradox of Production (Part I)

    Net Energy and Jevons' Paradox (Part II)

    Kurt Cobb for Scitizen with an article along similar lines:

    Why Energy Efficiency Won't Matter Without Energy Caps

    Roger Corbett, former head of Woolworths (Australian supermarket chain) theorises that energy costs in Australia may increase "by a factor of five or 10 times - certainly five" over the next few years:

    Soaring energy costs 'to change how society operates'

    Chazon and Neil King Jr for the Wall Street Journal on the recent setbacks Saudi Arabia has had with natural gas exploration (the article is behind a paywall, so I'll just quote the beginning of the article here):

    Russia's production has also begun to fall after several years of growth back to production levels which went fairly near Soviet era levels (when Russian production peaked and began its terminal decline - a decline which plummeted and has then risen, but still declined since the Soviet era peak):

    Russian Oil Output May Fall for First Time in Decade in 2008

    Note: Saudi Arabia and Russia are the world's two largest oil producers.

    Another somewhat related article from outlining that exports from the Gulf of Arabia nations will fall in coming years due to domestic shortfalls of energy (essentially the Export Land Model - which we've had numerous articles on - at work):

    GCC demand to curtail oil exports

    Richard Heinberg paper which he has based several speeches on recently:

    Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management

    Big Gav for The Oil Drum (ANZ) on solar thermal power - an article which is very comprehensive and a 'must read/bookmark' for anyone interested in this area of energy production:

    Concentrating On The Important Things - Solar Thermal Power

    SMH article warning people to beware of solar suppliers/installers using imported, cheaper panels:

    Beating the sunshine shonks

    Dan Greenberg for The Chronicle Review challenges the notion that energy reform is anything like the past 'super projects' mankind has undertaken and accomplished:

    A Manhattan or Apollo Project for Energy? What Nonsense

    Tom Whipple for FCNP on increasing global electricity shortages:

    The Peak Oil Crisis: Load Shedding

    And finally, a couple of articles not strictly Peak Oil related, but certainly peripherally related; firstly one from The Guardian in an interview with James Hansen, head of the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies, where he states that current CO2 emission targets outlined by international Climate Change organisations are too high, and that they have "grossly underestimated the scale of the problem."

    Climate target is not radical enough - study

    And one from Robert Nadeau at Scientific American on the unscientific nature of the current models applied by mainstream economists:

    The Economist Has No Clothes
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    Re: Peak Oil & Post Peak Oil Changes To Society Articles

    Sorry for the lack of update folks, been working too hard lately and had no time.

    A little satire from Julian Darley at The Post Carbon Institute to begin with:

    Grounded aircraft to be converted into trains

    Dr. Glenn Barry on our current 'convergence of crises':

    Coming Ecological Collapse: Failing Ecosystems the Mother of All Bubbles

    Big Gav has an interesting piece on coal to liquids (CTL) technology in Australia and its future on his Peak Energy blog:

    Coal To Liquids In Australia

    A quote from Dave Cohen in Energy Bulletin regarding the recent 'huge' oil find by Petrobas in Brazil, and a followup from 'Tony':

    An examination of the EROEI (energy returned on energy invested) of tar sands and shale oil, by Professor Charles Hall for The Oil Drum (Part Three in a series on EROEI) - pretty in-depth stuff only for those interested:

    Unconventional Oil: Tar Sands and Shale Oil - EROI on the Web, Part 3 of 5

    Article from Kevin G. Hall for McLatchy Newspapers on the soaring consumption of oil, gas and electricity in the Middle East Gulf States (the Export Land Model is coming on strong):

    Mideast's own oil consumption helping to drive prices up

    A similar topic from Gundi Royle for Gulf News:

    Cheap energy in UAE is over

    Article from Justin Norrie for The Age regarding food shortages becoming more common in the most aflluent countries who don't produce much of their own food - in this case, Japan:

    Japan's hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations (2 Page article)

    Dave Cohen for ASPO-USA on whether or not Russia's production has peaked, and Khebab for The Oil Drum on the same topic:

    Has Russia's Oil Production Peaked?

    Russia's Oil Production is About to Peak

    Peter Pogany for Energy Bulletin on the inability of economists to grasp what is happening in the world - particularly in realtion to Peak Oil and the 'credit crisis':

    Richard Heinberg's Museletter on coal, transport, technology and "It's Happening":

    It's Happening

    Michael Lardelli at Online Opinion on Australia's Recent 2020 Summit:

    The 2020 Summit - will Rudd’s children forgive him?

    Jeremy Leggett for The Guardian on the retreat of the big oil companies away from renewable energy projects:

    Dawn of an energy famine: Just as the need for renewables becomes critical, the oil giants signal an alarming retreat

    Finally, a long but interesting article from Michael T. Klare at The Nation from his upcoming book, The New Geopolitics of Energy:

    The New Geopolitics of Energy

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