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    I am a Permaculture Design Consultant operating a small business in Victoria. Over the past 12 months I have received many calls from PDC students who are either looking for work experience or advice about how they may further their skills in the hope of pursuing a career in permaculture design.

    Having completed my PDC some yeas ago I later stumbled upon and enrolled in the Diploma of Ornamental Horticulture at Kangan Batman Institute. This course was particularly useful in developing my skills as a professional design consultant.

    The following are just a few examples of the subjects within the course that people pursuing a professional career in permaculture will find beneficial.

    Soils – The course will provide students with in depth knowledge about how soils are created, types of soils, their structures, geographical influence, erosion and how plants respond to different soils. Students will look at a number of agricultural practices including:
    Keyline design
    Natural Sequence farming
    and Aquaculture among others.
    Understanding the different practices and how elements of each can be applied in design is certainly advantageous to PDC students.

    Plants – beginning from the identification of plants to the collection of seed or propagation material. Students learn all about plants from their biology and physiology to their health [mineral requirements] including pests and diseases.

    Design – The overall aim of this module is to provide students the ability to successfully consult future clients. Beginning from the initial consultation and site inventory, to creating a design brief, conceptual drawings and presentation of the final design. This is by far the most popular module and from a permaculture perspective, it will enable you to advance as a professional.
    Other modules include: irrigation, propagation, pruning, maintenance and OH&S.

    The campus boasts a large market garden and orchard. The teaching staff are very knowledgeable and very passionate about sustainable gardening and farming practices.

    The institute offers a flexible learning program, which allows students to study while in full-time/part-time employment.

    Classes are now running and places for semester 1 are still available. New students are always welcome. Mid year intake is also available.

    Contact Greg or Peter for enrolment enquiries on Ph:9279 2313

    While I do not represent this organisation I would certainly recommend this course (or similar) to anyone who may be serious about pursuing a professional career in permaculture or sustainable landscape design.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you Mrs Parker-Bowles! This is excellent information and the course of study sounds great. I'm sure many here will be keenly interested.

    If only I lived close enough to participate ... ; )
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    I am currently looking into this. Thankyou for the excellent information.

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