PC in rural Bangladesh - Making it work. Not just theory<smile>

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    I am almost as old as Bill Mollison. Lots of contacts and past life experiences such as the time I spentg, working with the AMAZING Robyn Francis @ Byron Bay before IPJ moved to Lismore.
    Since? - I have been working in rural Bangladesh with rural women, putting into practice & then using all the theory we used to talk about or practice, back in Australia.
    It's REALLY DIFFERENT, when you are actually living and working with people and families who earn and live on 50 cents to one dollar a day, if they are lucky and if they work VERY hard. - It made me VERY humble - living in rural Bangladesh.
    I have seen and experienced lots of International NGO Managers and corporate people turning up in their clean clothes in their air-conditioned 4-wheel drive Pajero SUV's - Overseas-funded, of course, who become embarrased and quickly chose to leave our PC village projects and return to safety, back in Dhaka.

    I have 2 or 3 hundred of our jpg. photos available from Bangladesh if you doubt what I have experienced as a result of not just learning about PC but practicing it in rural Bangladesh.

    Not just the 'Pretend Overeas Donor' stuff, but also the Permaculture spiral we built at the entrance to a seed nursery we set up that provided food and trees for a few thousand people in our area after a local flood.

    I totally honor and respect Jude and Miche Fanton for their dedication and their hard work over many years. They are 'QUALITY'.

    On the Internet, I see 'Our Permaculture' concept being shown across our planet earth as a business $$ and not a concept.

    Huh? - I'd like to find and see some permaculture pictures and stories on the Internet about how much 'FUN' it is to believe in, and actually live Permaculture, instead of only finding web sites that try to 'sell you' something or which go no-where.

    Written with a smile and a positive idea.

    Not just as criticsm - OK ?

    With love and respect for PC


    BTW - if you disagree or have some positive input, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


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