Organic orchard on the permaculture farm

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    Continental climate in Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Dear friends,

    It is nice to be here for the first time. I am writing to you from Bosnia and Herzegovina a small country in the South-Eastern Europe. My organization (non-profit) has a small farm land of approximately 3 ha (7.4 acres). We would like to establish a permaculture farm. Some experts advised us to establish very small organic orchard of apple, pear and plum on the small piece of land (less than 10% of the total land). This orchard should be modern, intensive one with high-density of seedlings per land area.

    I feel that this kind of orchard is not so appropriate for permaculture farm and I am wondering is this OK to plant this type of orchard within the our future permaculture farm.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Miodrag Miki Matavulj

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