Oregon State University's Online PDC | January 7, 2019

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What is your top permaculture design question/issue that we absolutely need to cover in our PDC?

  1. Design principles

  2. Urban permaculture

  3. Appropriate technology

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    On behalf of my colleagues at OSU, I just wanted to share their online Permaculture Design Certificate.

    Every year, OSU’s online Permaculture Designer Certificate gets updated, however, this year’s update is big.

    Andrew Millison and his team of experts infused the upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) with the latest in pedagogical developments in the permaculture field as well as the latest in instructional technology.

    Based on feedback from more than a thousand graduates, the redeveloped and refined PDC incorporates new multimedia "lightboard" presentations, a new series of augmented reality presentations, and all new videos of thriving permaculture systems from multiple countries and climate zones.

    Students can use a new custom report template, which becomes the permaculture design report for their project. This template includes user-friendly assessment and design graphic tools for students to work with.

    The revamped online PDC starts January 7, 2019. You can learn more and register at https://pace.oregonstate.edu/permaculture.

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