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    I have got an online magazine in mind.
    Not directla permaculture, more environmental.

    It should make a part-time living as well.

    Has anybody got an idea if it is possible earning some dollars publishing an online magazine?

    Is someone interested developping such a project? (But earning only if there is an income - can't pay any wages).

    Here is a short description what I am thinking about:
    1.) Comparing different countries: i.e. how many plasic plates per capita and year are used in different countries? How do different countries manage to do their parties without plasic plates? (for getting new ideas and helping environmental groups with arguments)
    2.) Environmental friendly ideas: i. e about a recycling factory i India
    3.) translating existing tests from consumer magazines.
    Not: Environment Minister X went to China
    this is VERY roughly the idea.

    Not: Minister x went to China

    any suggestions?
    Anyone interested?
    Or all crab?

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