One of the perks (free living for life) as part owner of a permaculture farm and hotel complex.

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    This is not a solicitation as such, more an exploratory exercise to tap into the knowledge and expertise of this permaculture community, we are looking for positive or negative feedback from this knowledgeable forum as well as any helpful suggestions that will add user value, we want to improve if possible the sustainability and user friendly aspects of the project while we are still in the detailed planning stages, permies, low impact and eco friendly people will be our preferred and main go to demographic when we are ready to start marketing this unique healthy living opportunity.

    An unusual and very tempting offer and opportunity to live the good life in harmony with nature.

    ( Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.) ( Shakespeare )

    Up to 25% of this fantastic project will be up for grabs for permies, greenies and all low impact, sustainable living, non materialistic, eco friendly, off grid and nature loving individuals.

    The offer overview for your analysis and critique.

    A once in a lifetime opportunity to become a fractional owner of a permaculture farm either full or part time, living and working in a close knit community alongside like minded people ( many hands make light work ) a virtual mastermind group and part of an eco friendly organic working farm complex, accommodation will be available in detached eco lodge type units that form part of the eco village/hotel complex and will be allocated to owners and shareholders to enable them to live on site.

    All investment in this development is fully refundable and will be used to build the eco village type hotel and accommodation infrastructure, main building has reception, dining, lounge, kitchens bakery, laundry etc. the peripheral area includes the water purification and storage, the solar farm and back up storage, the heated swimming pool complex, the permaculture farm greenhouse complex and general farm machinery required, when completed this will triple the overall value of the complex safeguarding all shareholder investments and long term involvement.

    What we will be offering to our shareholders is free long term all inclusive living in a beautiful river valley location in the Algarve in exchange for a relatively modest investment in what could well be the healthiest, greenest, most sustainable, low impact, resilient, off grid, eco village hotel complex in the world, centred in a (Reserva Natural) as well as on the permaculture farm that will supply fresh organic produce for the hotel kitchens as well as for shareholders who may want to occasionally cater for themselves.

    We have several long term investment options available depending on length of occupation desired, starting with a five year option, a ten year option and on to the longest which is twenty years or basically for life, substantial discounts will be available for the ten and twenty year periods, we can also have winter/summer mix and match periods without anyone needing to take up permanent residency, anyone coming in full time will eventually need to acquire some type of residency permit depending which part of the world they are from.

    Other benefits or perks available to fractional owners would be full use of a car and boat pool, full use of all the hotel facilities such as the indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool, full access to the games rooms gym etc. all meals in the restaurant dining room as required, we also have a 1500 metre river frontage with excellent fishing available if that's one of your hobbies.

    Anyone who has ongoing residual income from a pension or other long term sources will have that free and clear to save or spend as desired, you could jet away several time a year to various exotic destinations, or if you are more altruistically inclined could donate one or more holidays to deserving but hard up people to stay on our development which we would reciprocally offer at a discount in line with our own altruistic philosophy as a not so much for profit company rather as company offering real value for money.

    We also are considering other options like J/V or silent partners who would have all the benefits on offer to shareholders but potentially participate in a profit sharing scheme as well, which would pay an annual dividend on top of any holiday utilisation they may desire, other investment options could be for non EU citizens who could go down the golden visa route to get involved, a further option could be for a sweat equity type involvement whereby you make yourself indispensable and get to live on site free of charge in exchange for work for however long can be mutually agreed.

    Our Shangri-la type premium location has year round sunshine, abundant pure aquifer water resources clean fresh unpolluted air, a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, no traffic noise or pollution, low electro magnetic fields for those sensitive to that type of radiation which will be reduced to an even lower level by the 30cm thick hempcrete walls of all accommodation units.

    Our hempcrete method of construction will create the healthiest in door air quality possible as well as keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, other benefits are that it's noise proof, earthquake proof, mould and damp proof, resistant to rodents, insects, fungi and bacteria, buildings are fire proof and totally free from any VOCs making it the healthiest living accommodation you will ever find, also it is 100% carbon negative and has the potential to last for centuries.

    We also have a smart but low tech building design that minimises electric and plumbing runs, low voltage lighting all round, a heat pump for hot water and maybe for some a/c if required, the eco village/hotel infrastructure is maximum two storey build, 50 % of the units must be room only type of accommodation, the rest mainly single storey in blocks of two or four are detached and semi detached apartments which are over twice the size of the room only units and are fully fitted throughout, kitchen, lounge, and large bedroom en suite.

    Holiday only options get you free vacations for life as a member of our holiday club.

    A secondary fractional ownership option will be available for short medium and long term all inclusive holidays, one week to fifty two weeks or any combination in between totally free to members who take up this offer, when we say free you do need to basically loan the company a smallish investment fully refundable at any time after a year or any time after that if circumstances change, for obvious reasons this will a strictly limited offer, ( we need some paying customers )

    To get an idea as to the level of investment required we have a like for like weeks holiday comparison you can work back from, this is a similar type of healthy living retreat that offers a week for two in smaller size accommodation than ours for approx £3k so if I tell you this would be equivalent to a 60% per annum return on your club membership shareholding you should be able to work out the investment level required per weeks usage and then pro rata however long you envisage or can afford.

    You will realise how little it costs to participate, if you compare the modest fully inclusive user fees we will be charging our paying guests, approximately two thirds less than the above, your beneficial ROI would be still worth around 20% so basically you get a free all inclusive holiday in a premium location for the loss of the piddly return available now on any investments you have, also there are future probabilities of negative interest rates or even bail-ins if the financial markets and banks crash again.

    Don't forget the feel good factor and inner buzz you will get from living and working in harmony with nature and with like minded people, also the satisfaction you get from eating fresh delicious nutrient and vitamin rich organic foods grown and prepared on your doorstep by loving hands who are all working together to make this the best of the best, overall this will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    Everyday life in this Garden of Eden river valley setting will refresh and energise you both mentally and physically, also living and working in this natural utopian paradise should increase your lifespan exponentially, a life that can be free from illness and disease with many more healthy happy years to look forward to, these are some of the many benefits you will get from living in harmony with nature.

    Home is where the heart is.

    To sum up this once in a lifetime opportunity, it's not so much a way of living more a way of life, the ultimate healthy living experience plus you get all the benefits of owning a place in the sun without all the downsides, such as lawyers and transaction fees plus 23% IVA on top, the main benefits are no maintenance or service charges, no insurance, no electric, water or sewage charges, no food to buy prepare and cook, free laundry, no transfer charges to and from airport and if your unit is wholly self occupied you can be assured it will be looked after if you are away anytime.

    We could add a list of pro's and con's but it would be a bit one sided, very little negative about this project especially as our modus operandi is offer the lowest possible short and long term living costs possible, with a potential 50% to 75 % cost saving over equivalent holiday vacations or long stay offers, we aim to offer our long term users a monthly all in cost of around a £1,000 which works out at an unbeatable £230 a week for two people.

    We have much more in-depth information available if any one is interested, to find out more you can email us at, [email protected]

    Warm regards and a happy and prosperous new year to all.

    Pete ceo the green man hotel
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    Rain forest basin, presently though moving soon.
    HI Pete,

    I read parts of your purposal on the Permaculture research Institutes web site

    "We have much more in-depth information available if any one is interested, to find out more you can email us at, info."

    I am interested in learning more and also will share a bit about me and what my skills,
    experience and ... are in regards to permaculutr and related skills.

    A beautiful positively life inspiring day to you.

    I am interested in working together with you,
    I am diversified within my skills, expertise and experience,
    which are all integrated to create a very successful business
    and extremely happy, peaceful and satisfied customers.

    Please refer to my CV attached,
    professional and clientels letters of recommendations.
    You will enjoy seeing that I will provide you, the centre and your guests
    with the best and most professional and personable of services!

    I grew up since ealry childhood immersed in Permaculture and Organics.
    Our yard was almost entirely edible and medicinal when I was growing up.

    I am working profesionally within permaculture
    as well as on a personal level
    for over 30 years.

    A few examples...

    I have designed, implemented and grown small and large scale organic gardens, created food forests of sub/tropicals and other global selection of ethnobotanicals
    (over 6000 edibles, medicinals and a few utilitarian plants too).
    Ive grown all the plants myself within my own organic world plant nursery.
    I sold some of the excess plants and produce on line and in living person.

    I have also designed and integrated 180 acres of medicinal herb gardens
    into a pre-existing 380 acre farm, was one of my paid projects for others.

    Ive taught others how to wild forage,
    the identification of plants, preparations and uses
    Creating from wild crafted and domestically grown herbs
    saulves, tintures, etc.
    This included how to properly harvest, store and prepare
    for marketing to retail and whole sale businesses.

    As well as, creating my own lotions, salves, tinctures for myself
    and for sale, when I was managing the retail medicinal herbal department.

    I have assisted in creating a series of Earth bag dome construction homes.
    Previously and afterwards, assisting with straw bail, rammed earth
    and bamboo constructions.

    More recently,
    a year and a half ago when I left Thailand,
    I worked (giving freely) independently teaching
    and guiding people in the wilderness of Thailand,
    and continuing my natural health practice.

    I have worked as well in collaboration with other health professional
    and within others businesses, some of which I have managed.

    My focus is as a massage therapist,
    which I offer 12 different approaches,
    as a medicinal herbalist (and ethnobotanist)
    as a hypnotherapist (NLP),
    and as a counselor (Gestalt, Co-counseling and other approaches).

    I also teach and give workshops in multi approaches to meditation,
    chi gong, massage therapy, medicinal herbalism, ecstatic dance,
    personal boundaries,self discovery through self expression
    and other therapeutic approaches to healing and living life.

    I started meditation and yoga when I was 8.
    I added Tai Chi and Chi Gong at age 15.

    My web site is..

    Which integrates some of what I offer as a natural health professional,
    as well as, aspects as a wilderness skills instructor and guide.

    I have worked in a retreat and wilderness / scientic studies centre
    in South America. where I was the manager,
    I was responsible for being the receptionist-scheduling
    and welcoming guests from all around the world,
    preparing and coordinating accommodations.

    I was a nature guide and skills instructor,
    indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
    rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navogation,
    shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past, etc
    teaching permaculture,
    managing the gardens, greenhouses and food forest,
    providing various therapies,
    assisting with house keeping, maintenance,
    supervising the volunteers and directing their activities,
    and as a vegan chef
    and more at a wilderness retreat centre in the wilderness.

    Additionally, I have co-owned and operated
    a successful Wilderness Skills and Guiding company,
    along with my long time friend, Ryan Heasely.

    Ryan is extremely happy to speak with you,
    as excellent professional references for me.
    He is also, a Naturopath.

    I have been a wilderness skills instructor and guide professionally
    for over 20 years in Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, Thailand n in the u.s.,
    besides an extensive history of personal wilderness experiences around the globe.

    I have professionally taught and guided people in
    indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
    rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navigation,
    shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past,
    re/learning the silent and sounded languages of nature
    and much much more.

    My first language is English
    with my second being, Spanish.

    I am naturally confident and comfortable with myself.

    I create an extremely personable n incredible memorable experience
    for those participating in my sessions, classes, workshops, etc.

    I welcome your correspondence
    and the potential of having a highly successful work relationship together.

    Jann Versch

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