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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself Here' started by LJH, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, from the Haphazard Homestead here in the spectacular Southern Utah mountains.

    I'm fairly new to permaculture. Had never heard the term when we bought this property and built a house 18 years ago. We did a lot of stuff wrong but not disasterously so; I think a bit of retrofit here & there will put us in good shape structure-wise. Aside from my small kitchen gardens the landscape is mostly untouched so all those mistakes are yet to come. =-

    I'm currently enrolled in Geoff's online PDC course and having a hard time keeping my head from exploding, trying to grasp and assimilate the vast information with a virtually non-functional left brain. I'm really lucky to have a local mentor in a friend & close neighbor who has his PDC from Warren Brush, and has been practicing permaculture at his place just up the road from me:


    I have no desire to turn it into a business (I really suck at teaching) just want the information to use on my own place and to help friends and neighbors. I truly believe the ca-ca is heading toward the proverbial fan and want to be as ready as possible when that party starts. I'm sure I'll be more of an information leach than contributor on this forum, apologies in advance.

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    Hello LJH and welcome!
    Isn't Geoff's online PDC awesome? Glad you took the opportunity to enroll ... and drink from the firehose!
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Utah. While this place is abundant with information, your insights will also add to the knowledge base.

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