New project in Turkey - Permaculture, Desertification and more

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm Fred, first post. Most people here already have a farm, me not yet ;)
    Together with my wife Damla (she is an agricultural engineer, I'm mechanical/aerospace engineer) we decided to not follow the usual job pattern and path, but to do something meaningful with our lives:
    We developed a farm concept that, based on sustainable living, will enable us to effectively work against desertification- and waste problems in Turkey, among other things.
    We unfortunately don't have the financial resources to start the project, so we started a crowdfunding campaign, just yesterday.

    Here the link to the campaign:

    Here our website:

    It would be awesome if you can help us in spreading the campaign, or even with a little contribution.
    If it goes more or less as planned, we'll be able to start building up our project in next spring.

    Oh, and please let us know what you think about the project, criticism welcome!

    Many greetings from Istanbul,

    Fred & Damla

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