New permaculture project in China, looking for volunteers!

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    Hello, my name is Lin Zaho. We are starting a permaculture project in Sichuan province, China.
    Our family farm is called Walden Farm, it has more than 300 hectares and more than 100 workers. Since some years ago, we are in the fascinating process to transform the farm from an industrial one to an ecological one. We believe that humanity and nature can develop in harmony, so that’s the direction that we want to follow. Nowadays in the context of China it’s not so common to find sustainable development of both agriculture and construction, but in Walden Farm we are trying to make this dream become a reality. And that’s why we are looking for volunteers with knowledge, passion and creativity to join us with their projects and ideas.
    We believe that people with good ideas must have the opportunity to develop them and make them real. So we give all the facilities to carry out volunteers projects related to ecological farming, permaculture, sustainable architecture, and arts in nature. We offer to the volunteers free accommodation and meals in an incredible environment, and all the material support that they need to work on their projects, as well as help for the visa extension and anything else that they need.
    Walden farm is a place where people from different cultures and backgrounds can meet, exchange knowledge and experience and learn from each other.
    In Walden Farm we are very interested in organic farming and permaculture. We are really excited to start farming according to the permaculture principles, and that’s why we are looking for volunteers with specific skills in that field who can help us.
    We need to develop systems which are more healthy for all of us, to make the land of our ancestors a better place to live in the present and in the future.
    If you are a creative and enthusiastic person with skills in permaculture, who can think of a project that can feet in Walden farm, please check our website:
    You can also contact us for any question at: [email protected]
    You are very welcome to join the Walden farm community!

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