New Permaculture Ebook for cool climates

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    Melliodora eBook
    Download the eBook for AUD $25*
    or get the disc
    AUD $35 with free delivery Australia wide
    Select your region from the buttons below to make a purchase.


    Published by HDSPublished by Holmgren Design Services

    * The downloadable version of the eBook is available in four different formats:
    • ZIP Archive (.zip) - requires a program that can expand ZIP files
    • Apple OSX Disc Image (.dmg) - requires Apple OSX 10.x
    • Windows "Self Expanding Archive" - requires Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Classic OS "Self Expanding archive" - requires Apple OS 7, 8 or 9
    NB: regardless of the download format, the contents of the download are identical. The download format is only a transfer medium.

    After having checked out through paypal, you will be sent an email with a "Transaction ID". Follow the link in the email, copy and paste the ID in place, and you can choose which format you prefer. Should your download be interrupted, email HDS and we will ensure you receive your eBook.

    File size: 95MB
    Approximate download times:
    10Mbit +: < 100 seconds
    DSL(1.5Mbit): 10 minutes
    DSL(512Kbit): 30 minutes
    DSL(256Kbit): 60 minutes
    ISDN(64Kbit): 4 hours
    Modem: 6 hours

    Melliodora eBook
    by David Holmgren

    Showing the best of cool climate permaculture design, relevant to people on both small rural properties and larger town blocks.

    The eBook contains the original 1995 A3 format book Melliodora: Ten Years of Sustainable Living in digital form as well as new and updated material about this leading cool climate permaculture demonstration site.

    It includes all the book text, high resolution zoomable graphics and full colour high resolution versions of the photos as well as linkable new photos of key views showing the changes and growth over the last decade.

    Built in navigation bar, jump buttons and text links allow you to cross reference, move around the eBook and get back to where you were.

    The eBook works best with Acrobat Reader 5 or 7 (a free download available from and contains HTML content that will open up in your web browser. The software should run well on Mac OS 9.1+, Windows 95+ and Linux based systems.

    Features and additional content includes:
    • 150+ pages of zoom-able plans, graphic diagrams, photos and text
    • House thermal performance upgrade and review
    • Grid feedback photovoltaic installation and performance
    • Cool cupboard review and design
    • Animals update including goats and soil management
    • Seasonal cycle photos

    'The meticulous detail allows the reader to trace the development of the property from the purchase of a steep weed-infested site, through the early stages of blackberry slashing, dam construction and tree planting to the "finished" product of family home, office, workshop, greenhouse, and integrated living systems with perennial plants and a range of animals fulfilling many functions.' - Ian Lillington

    Demo available here (7.7MB pdf)

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