New Outreach Package for "1000Communities2" Proposal

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    An Educational Materials Outreach Package has been created for the purpose of introducing the “1000Communities2” proposal to people associated with a variety of educational institutions and organizations. [Note: The “1000Communities2” proposal is a 161 page document (accessible for free at the IPCR website, at which was written by Stefan Pasti, the founder and outreach coordinator for The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative. (There are five different descriptions of the “1000Communities2” proposal accessible at the IPCR website: one in the Summer, 2008 issue of The IPCR Journal/Newsletter, one mentioned below, one in the “Highlights from The IPCR Community Journal”, etc)]

    The Educational Materials Outreach Package includes:

    1) an Open Letter, which briefly explains why the “1000Communities2” proposal is a relevant and practical approach, and describes the items included in the outreach package
    2) an 11” x 17” document titled “The ‘1000Communities2’ Proposal: Creating a Multiplier
    Effect of a Positive Nature” (which is an introduction to the proposal)
    3) two double-sided 81/2” x 11” pages excerpted from The IPCR Journal/Newsletter Summer, 2008 issue (pages 1, 2, 15, and 33)
    4) nine different IPCR business cards (which can be glued on to the front of a file folder) (Note: the file folder can then be used as a “display container” for the IPCR Journal/Newsletter excerpts)

    These items can be accessed for free in a section titled “Current Educational Materials Outreach Package”, which is located at the bottom of the homepage of the IPCR website.

    All are welcome to access these items for free, and are encouraged to make them accessible to people who can make good use of them.

    With Kind Regards,

    Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator
    The IPCR Initiative

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