Need assistance; Require 'Koubo' and 'Zatar' seed

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    Im looking for person/s willing to do a small trade with me from Israel/Palestine

    I need 2 types of seed

    one is a type of cactus that has been commercialised over there recently undre the name of Koubo
    Its a cereus peruvianus type ... 2-486.html

    The seed is a permitted import to Australia so its all ok
    what i need is for somebody to buy the fruits from the shop
    scoop out the flesh into a jar and short fermnet just like tomato seed saving
    then same way again rinse the seeds free of fermented pulp in a fine sieve
    and spread to dry on a piecve of paper towel
    Then label and send to me

    The other is a garden variety of oregano you may have called Zatar
    its a spicy herb i buy here but cannot find seeds

    If anyone has sumac id be happy too - Rhus coriaria

    I have many things to trade it all depends on what you are interested in
    if you are willing to help me out please email me at
    [email protected]



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