Natural Building Internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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    2008 Natural Building Internship: February 1st to April 1st

    Come join us for our two or three-month internship in natural building! The internship will be focused on the construction of an earthen building using adobe and "wattle and cob" natural building techniques. We are excited about the possibilities for the internship, and feel certain that the building we construct will be beautiful and functional. The process of design will bring with it a number of challenges and creative opportunities that the builders and interns will tackle during the spring of 2008.

    The Internship is the first of its kind at the Panya Project and is intended to be a hands-on learning experience. Interns will be involved in every part of the design and building process as it occurs. We will be working with a combination of adobe, carpentry and "wattle and cob" (a local variation of the widely practiced wattle and daub). Through their stay at the Panya Project, interns will become very versed in the art of natural building, gaining all the skills necessary to build their own home with these techniques.

    The first two months will focus on building the structure itself, from the foundation to the roof, including walls, floors, roof, and stairs. Depending on how our work goes in the first two months, the additional month will be devoted to the finishing work on the building. This is the most rewarding part of the process, adding the final beautiful layers to the structure using all natural clay, rubber and oils for plastering, painting, laying earthen floors and adding the artistic touches that make natural building so unique. Interns will have the opportunity to finish at least one room including all natural plasters and paints, wattle and daub shelves, and any artistic touches of their own.

    We are excited to join with you in the process of building an ecovillage. Interns will be considered a part of the community while here, and are invited to take equal part in the chores and responsibilities it takes for Panya to function (watering, cooking, dishes, feeding the animals etc). In addition to building, interns will have the opportunity to learn permaculture techniques and take part in organic gardening, maintain and enrich our tropical edible food forest, and take part in the many facets of community living. We are still early in the process of building our community—there is a lot to do, and a lot to be discovered—and we look forward to embarking on the journey with you while you are here. And you are welcome to extend your stay at Panya beyond the end of the internship if you wish.

    While you will be exposed to a wide variety of subjects and activities, and will learn far more than we advertise, it should be noted that the internship will not include a highly structured daily curriculum. We are not setting out to be teachers that give special daily instruction to our students, but builders and ecovillage community members that have a lot to share.

    The internship will cost $600 for two months or $800 for three, money that will primarily go to cover the cost of room board and building materials, rather than instruction.

    Come build with us, come live with us, come help us build our dreams and in the process you are guaranteed to learn a lot. We look forward to you joining in this adventure!

    Dates and Cost:

    Costs include room and board, including vegetarian meals (and the occasional meat dish), and place in our community.

    Feb 1 - April 1: US$600
    Feb 1 - May 1: US$800

    Learn more at our website:

    To Register or for Questions, Contact:
    Christian Shearer
    [email protected]
    087-181-8821 (in Thailand)
    +66-87-181-8821 (international)

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