My visit to Jade Woodhouse farm

Discussion in 'Planting, growing, nurturing Plants' started by Chook Nut, May 25, 2003.

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    Hi all....

    great to have the forum back up and running....

    Just wanted to say how great it was to visit the Woodhouses' permaculture farm. An issue i have had with permaculture is that it can appear to be a messy garden, not so with this one.

    I took my wife with me who is slowly becoming more enthusiastic about the whole aspect of gardening a sustainable non-mainstream way. Like myself she was blown away at just how intense and beautiful the gardens and systems were, and how everything interacted with one another. She got to see how some of the things that i have only just started in our own garden looks when it reaches maturity.

    We have been discussing the option of buying a small parcel of land and this tour has helped cement my wifes new found enthusiasm to go ahead(this may take a year or two though to find the right place that will suit both our needs).

    If anyone knows Jade she is VERY enthusiastic about gardening as a life aproach. I am greatful for such dedicated and inspiring people. We plan to take members of our family that way for their birthdays to hopefully 'encourage' their way of life and have lunch at one of the wineries after!

    I could ramble on but will leave you with their website to get a sneak peak yourselves.....



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