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    Hey guys! cool forum; I really feel welcome.

    This summer, once I graduate from college, Im planning on going out to my dads camp in the country of central canada (ontario) and building a shelter to experiment with all sorts of projects. Stuff like, making clay pottery, attempting to create a self sustainable type garden (hopefully gravity watering? or something like that?).. My goal is to ultimately build a shelter, and a sweat lodge. I am going to film it as a documentary of some sort, but I want to just re-uinite with my old self before the grip of post secondary school re-directed my thoughts and ideas :party:.

    Anyways, Im Wondering about how I can go about this garden. Im considering constructing a small pond to gravity feed water down to my garden if I need it.

    Does anyone have any cool ideas or guidelines of how I can set up my garden?

    What kind of projects would you enjoy to see in a documentary like this? Here are some ideas I have:

    Make my own rope
    Clay pots and cooking ware
    Wood utensels and bowls
    sweat lodge
    grow a garden (and tabacco and sweetgrass perhaps)
    create a few foraged teas and other medicines
    make my own candles (sap)
    food drying process
    build a fish trap
    Make my own flute
    clay rocket stove
    make a home made hammock
    make a fire from a bow drill
    make a chair
    Make flat bread
    Natural soap


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