Mud Bricks - Anybody have a good recipe for mud brick

Discussion in 'Planting, growing, nurturing Plants' started by Veggie Boy, Nov 17, 2003.

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    I'm thinking of making up some mud bricks to use as borders for my no dig gardens and raised beds. Does anyone have a recipe??
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    Try this one.
    Soil that is around 50% to 60% clay and the remainder made up of mostly a sandy type medium, it is not absolutely critical and you can judge it with a water and glass jar test.
    Sieve the soil add 3 buckets of it to 2 buckets of sharp sand, add 1 bucket of chaff and roughly 1 bucket of water depending how wet your sand and soil is. This mix also works as a final earth render and for a poured earth floor.
    Happy Mudding.
    Cheers Geoff

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