Medium-scale permaculture - What should I grow in SE NSW?

Discussion in 'Planting, growing, nurturing Plants' started by Meg, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Meg

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    Hi there fellow permaculturalists!

    My 'sustainable living' dream is on its way to coming true since we recently purchased 55 acres in Wyndham, South-East NSW.
    Problem is that we still need a source of income, and so cant quit our jobs and move in to permaculture paradise just yet!

    Most of our 55 acres is bush, but there are some cleared areas where I plan to set up some small to medium scale activity to provde enough income to pay the bills (rates, gas, phone), keep the car running (hopefully on biodiesel), and pay for some luxury items (like ice cream!)

    This is where I call on your collective brains to suggest some things we might like to try to grow, which dont take too long to get established, and which require minimal (or at least cheap!) infrastructure, and which will be suited to the climatic conditions of the far south coast of NSW.

    Open to suggestions of all kinds....suggestions so far have ranged from herbs to yabbies to snails to cut flowers.
    As with all things permacultural, I am interested in 'vertical integration' where the waste or by-product of one process feeds the next in a long chain.

    Looking forward to hearing your wonderful responses!
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    Hi Meg,

    Sounds like you need to catch up with Hugh Gravestein who lives at Myrtle Mountain (from memory). His property is called "Cala Sona" and when I was last there in 1993 was fantastic so it must be amazing by now. I haven't got his contact at hand but he must be in the phone book.


  3. Chook Nut

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    Mar 31, 2003
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    Hi Meg,

    I have been speaking to a few of my neighbours (i'm new to my area), and quite a few ppl are suggesting to run a steer on my small acerage as most of my neighbours do it. They then get it butchered in town and end up with about 500kg of meat to deep freeze. This ends up costing them less than $2kg and that includes all cuts, mince and sausages etc.

    I am seriously thinking of it rather than mowing the lawns till i get orchards done and other permie systems happening. My block is almost fully fenced and I can fence off the rest of my block into sections quite easy.

    Not sure what your block is like, but try speaking to your neighbours as they can tell you what will work in you area and what wont. eg. Sheep dont do too well in my area thats why ppl go for steers.(a few have done foul as well but obviously more maintenance involved if you arent there very often)

    Hope that helps a little.... oh and good luck :)

    Cheers Dave
  4. Meg

    Meg Guest

    Thanks DD,
    I actually came accross Hugh's website, and have sent an introductory email.
    Thanks for ideas so far folks....keep 'em conming!
  5. TomDuncan

    TomDuncan Guest

    Try chatting with John Champagne also a permaculturist. He is running the Sapphire Coast Producers Association (taking in Wyndham), made up of small landhold farmers, mainly supplementary income. Rabbits are popular, cut-flowers, organic garlic. Also, Bev and Geoff Southam are running a biodynamic market garden in Quaama, between Bega and Cobargo, and would have some good ideas on what works on the south coast. If you email me, I can give you their phone number. My email, [email:32yd9s8y][email protected][/email:32yd9s8y]
    Or just go into Candelo Bulk Wholefoods in Bega, and ask them what they would buy from you! Cheers, Tom

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