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    Nov 23, 2002
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    Hi Folks here is a recent email
    Dear Maddy & Geoff
    I'm looking for a Permaculture gardener to come and take over my gardens in the Maldives when I move on to a new project in Thailand: how would i go about putting an advert in the next edition of Permaculture Magazine, or maybe you know someone who would be interested, with experience of large scale composting, vermi compost, mushroom cultivation & organic gardening on a tropical island?
    Best regards
    [email protected]

    Permaculture Job In the Maldives
    Here is an email request sent to The Permaculture Research Institute
    We are looking for a person to fill a position as a permaculture gardener.
    It's not a terribly well paid position (400 USD/month+commission on production)but the person is lodged and fed in the resort so you don't spend any money. The person basically has to supervise a team of 5 really nice Bangladeshi gardeners so that we have a constant production of salad, rocket, mizuna, spinach,ladies fingers, herbs etc from the vegetable garden & bananas, guava, custard apple, passion fruit, pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon & beans from the fruit garden for the restaurant kitchen, we are also building a mushroom growing facility so someone with experience growing oyster mushrooms or shiitake (on bags/logs) would be ideal. It's a pretty idyllic place to work and you have a lot of freedom to experiment with different crops/seeds. They should be happy to supervise compost heaps and willing to learn about a new vermicomposting machine I have ordered called a Tat G Organic Digester. There are also opportunities to get involved in social responsibility issues within the Maldives and there are several interesting eco projects in the pipeline: an ecological health food restaurant, composting toilet, renewable energy conversion etc. I have initiated many of these ideas but I've been rather a victim of my own success so the company now wants me to work on a prototype earthship style villa in another resort in Thailand in the new year. It's a fabulous opportunity for some one who likes beaches & gardening.
    Best regards

    If you are interested in this position contact Louis on [email protected]
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